• Couples & Marriage Counseling

  • Reconnect with each other

    Relationships are the source of our greatest joy, but also our deepest pain. Building a strong, lasting relationship or marriage takes a lot of commitment, humility, and hard work - not the things you'll find on a Hallmark card. If you've gotten derailed, I'd love to help you. Couples counseling is one of my biggest specialties; therapists from all over the valley refer their couples to me. I've written several popular textbooks on couples therapy, held countless trainings, and worked with hundreds of couples over the 15+ years I've been practicing.

    Common problems I've helped couples with:

    • Recovery from an affair
    • Communication
    • Rebuilding trust
    • Navigate stressful times (e.g., health crises, etc.)
    • Adapting to parenthood
    • Relationships with each other's families
    • and many more...