• Family & Child Counseling

  • Reconnect with your family

    Family counseling is quickly becoming a lost art. Go into most agencies and mention family problems, and before you know it each member of your family has their own therapist, you're driving back and forth to the agency more than soccer practice, and your monthly therapy bill is slightly less than your mortgage.

    Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit, but sadly it is getting harder to find true family therapy anymore - therapy with most or all of the family members in the same room, getting on the same page with each other. This is unfortunate, because research has shown that family therapy is a treatment of choice for many common challenges, including eating disorders, adolescent rebellion, stepfamily issues, and many others. 

    My wife and I have four children of our own - both young children and teenagers - so I know how challenging family life can be. If you're having trouble getting along, struggling with developmental challenges, or concerned about your children, give me a call! I can help.

    I offer short-term family therapy designed to help everyone in your family get their needs met. Issues I've helped families with include:

    • Behavior problems

    • School concerns

    • Adolescent mental health, including ADHD

    • Parenting little children and teens