• Workshops

  • Professional Workshops

    I've conducted many peer-reviewed and non-peer reviewed professional workshops locally and across the world. I'm particularly known for my knowledge of different MFT theories, having written extensively on that subject. Popular workshops include:

    • Supervision (BBS & CAMFT)
    • Working with couples in chronic conflict
    • Parenting
    • Building a private practice
    • Common factors of effective therapy
    • Staying passionate about being a therapist
    • Different theoretical approaches

    Pretty much every workshop is tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. Fees are negotiable, and I am available to travel anywhere in the world.

  • Community Workshops

    I've given countless presentations to community, civic, and church groups. These range from helping ecclesiastical leaders learn basic clinical skills to helping parents learn how to raise emotionally healthy children, to everything in between. People tell me they like my knowledgeable, approachable, down to earth style. I always try to give people lots of practical things to take away from the workshop. Popular workshops include: 

    • Parenting (children and adolescents)
    • Relationship enhancement
    • Stress management
    • Clinical skills (e.g., listening, avoiding burnout, etc.) for ecclesiastical leaders
    • Overcoming anxiety and depression
    • Having a healthy sexual relationship
    • Dealing with addictions and compulsions

    As a professor, I've given lectures on about every mental health topic under the sun at one point or another, so it is impossible to create an exhaustive list of what I could present on. Let me know your group's needs and I'll let you know if I can help!

  • "I absolutely loved this course. Facilitated insight, encouraged discussion and tons of self reflection. I'm sad it is over!"

    ~ Workshop participant

    "Dr. Davis is stimulating, inspirational, and professional. I appreciate his teaching style very much: nurturing, warm, and inviting, yet with high standards."

    ~ Workshop participant

    "Sean is an amazingly talented teacher. He has a way of engaging everyone without pressuring. I look forward to more presentations with him in the future."

    ~ Workshop participant

    "Dr. Davis is a very professional, understanding and thorough instructor."

    ~ Workshop participant

    "It was good to have an instructor care and have interest in the subject they are teaching. Dr. Davis shows a lot of enthusiasm and makes the topics...relatable to real life."

    ~ Workshop participant

    "Dr. Davis is an amazing presenter - he really knows the field and how to teach well."

    ~ workshop participant